About the Project


The Pulaski Skyway (“Skyway”) has been in operation for more than 80 years and is nearing its projected useful life. As a major transportation artery in northern New Jersey, the Skyway serves a high volume of vehicles. Over the years, prolonged use and the environment have caused damage to the structure, and the current condition of the roadway and structure warrants repair. The primary project purpose is to rehabilitate the Skyway by addressing strategic repairs and retrofits based on a minimum 25-year service life extension.


The overall purpose of the Pulaski Skyway Rehabilitation Project is to bring the Skyway into a state of good repair and address the structural deficiencies, mitigate to the degree practical the functional deficiencies, and improve the overall condition and safety of the roadway.

The work under Contract 9A includes structural steel truss repairs and strengthening in Spans 78 through 81 in Kearny and Spans 87 through 91 and Spans 94 through 97 in Newark. Contract 9A also includes full blast cleaning and repainting of the truss within those spans.

The majority of the construction work will be accomplished with minimal disruption to the travelling public. The Skyway may be temporarily closed for up to 12 hours, mainly on weekends, to facilitate construction activities. Local roads may require short-term closures for contractor operations. Related detours would follow routes that have been pre-established and used for past Skyway closures as part of the overall Rehabilitation Project.

  • Start Construction: 2021
  • End Construction: 2024